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      Gear Runout Testers
        M0.3-2 S109-107-101 M0.3-2 M1-6 S109-107-102 M1-6
        Product Details DETAILS

        Gear Runout Tester

        Operating Principle

        Radial runout Fr of gear ring is the maximum variation of distance from the center of gear of gauge head with which contacts the gear tooth at middle.

        Operating principle is shown as Fig.1.

        Fix the tested gear on the arbor between the two centers of the tester, inserting gauge head info space of two teeth in turn, then runout of the gauge head relative to rotary axis of the gear s shown by the indicator.

        For measuring radial or face runout of out engaging cylindric and tapered gears, worm and worm gear.  

        Technical Parameter:

        Measuring gear module

        m0.3-2 、   m1-6

        Max Diameter pof gear

        150mm 、 300mm

        Swaivel range of measuring stand


        Indicator Grauation


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